New Year's Reception TrgC Para 2024

Bar Mols (TrgC Para - CE Para Karrestraat 10, 3290 DIEST (Schaffen))

Bar Mols

TrgC Para - CE Para Karrestraat 10, 3290 DIEST (Schaffen)

Karrestraat 10, 3290 DIEST-Schaffen

The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel (GS) Geoffroy L’EVÊQUE, the officers, non-commissioned officers, volunteers and civilian personnel of the Trainingcentre for Paratroopers have the honour to invite you to their New Year’s Reception at the SLt DEVIGNEZ barracks at Schaffen on January 18th 2024, 1500 -1800 hrs.

Geoffroy L’EVÊQUE, Lieutenant-Colonel (GS), Commanding Officer

New Year’s Reception
Please confirm your participation before 10/01/2024

Registration of participants
Secretary TrgC Para
    • 3:00 PM 6:00 PM
      Doors open: New Year's Reception from 15:00 hrs