B/1-107 - MHKA - HMRA Auditorium
Rue Bruyn 1, 1120 Neder-Over-Heembeek
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Mobility and access to the venue location:

  1. General information: 
    1. Hoe ons bereiken ( - Comment venir chez nous (
    2. The Military Hospital Queen Astrid is situated in a LEZ.
  2. Venue location:
    1. The symposium will be hosted in the Auditorium of the Military Hospital Queen Astrid.
    2. You can directly access the Auditorium from the outside. Therefore, you do not need to enter the main entrance of our hospital.
    3. All attendees are asked to sollicitate our parking area 2, which is situated much closer to the venue than our parking area 1 (see map below)


  1. Simultaneous translation will be provided in Dutch and French.


  1. A free lunch will be offered to all participants.
  2. We provide alternatives for participants with meal restrictions (vegetarian, …)


  1. A specific registration desk will be foreseen for accreditation purposes.
  2. We ask all attendees, whom are entitled to this accreditation, to provide their PQK or RIZIV number upon registration.

Dress (military attendees only):

  1. Military participants are asked to participate in military uniform – type 3 (F/N).
  2. If you do not own this type of military uniform, you are asked to participate in civilian clothes.


  1. The mask policy has been changed. You no longer are obligated to wear a protective mask, but we still recommend you to wear one.